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This is an essential reference guide to the marine life of Bootless Bay, Central Province, Papua New Guinea. The guide is illustrated with over 900 photographs, covering 850+ species, and includes brief narratives on the biology and ecology of all major taxonomic groups, from algae and sponges to fish and reptiles. This guide is primarily aimed at those who live by, study or visit this remarkable area, which is home to a wealth of beautiful and unusual organisms. 3000 copies of the guide have been distributed to villages and local schools thoughout Papua New Guinea.

Many of the featured organisms are also found throughout Papua New Guinea, the guide therefore having national appeal. In addition, this guide covers many species occuring in the Indo-Pacific region making it a useful resource for visitors to many other countries including Indonesia, Solomon Islands and Australia.

This book was developed through the Motupore Island Research Centre with support from the University of Papua New Guinea, the Papua New Guinea Institute of Biodiversity (PINBio), the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and Project Aware.

ISBN: 9980-84-815-4

150 Pages

For further information on the guide visit the MIRC website or contact the author/photographer.

See: Review Published in Ocean Geographic Magazine

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